Newsletter - NOVEMBER 2018

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Newsletter - NOVEMBER 2018

Post by State of San Andreas » December 4th, 2018, 2:58 pm

State Government — Newsletter for the month of November

  Message from the Governor's Office  
It seems that the State Government is expectionally doing well regarding the handling of public requests, applications and so forth. We are always here to hear out your concerns. There is not much else to note.


Melanie Slater
  Bureau of Licensing  
The Bureau of Licensing had two management positions filled. Congrulations to Deputy Director Jack Burson and Assistant Director Ciro Ferrucci
  • 14 businesses were registered (6% decrease from October)
  • 21 businesses were licensed (27% increase from October)
  • 23 businesses were found to be pending registration (48% increase from October)
  • 0 hunting license was issued (100% decrease from October)
  • 0 helicopters were registered (100% decrease from October)
  • $1,301,500 was collected in fees (36% increase from October)
I am glad to see the numbers increase in productivity.
  Bureau of Social Services  
The Social Services is gradually putting itself out there and I am glad to see how Deputy Director Garland has progressed the bureau with much prowess. It has established several locations across the state, including the City of Los Santos.
  Bureau of Public Works & Transportation  
I believe the DOT is progressing well since the end of the month, but we will only have to see.
  • 9 situation reports (10% decrease from October)
  • 0 impound reports (100% decrease from October)
With those numbers, I urge the Director to conduct an internal audit.
  Bureau of State Services  
With Valerie White & Claire Trisitifer at its helm, the State Services has been functioning quite well without much need for note.
  Employee of the Month  
I will move to announce the employee of the month, an employee who has shown continuous dedication to the Department of State and their respective bureau, it is no other than:
  Licensing Official Jake Parker  
I can see that Parker is doing quite well at his job through endless dedication and as such he has rightfully deserved this title.
  Conclusion Thank you all. If you have any concerns regarding the Department of State, do not hesitate to contact my office at [email protected]. A response is assured within 24 hours.

Yours Faithfully,
Melanie Slater
Secretary of State of San Andreas
Carl Duncan
Lieutenant Governor of San Andreas