Newsletter - OCTOBER 2018

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Newsletter - OCTOBER 2018

Post by State of San Andreas » October 31st, 2018, 4:34 pm

State Government — Newsletter for the month of October

  Message from the Governor's Office  
We are progressively getting better by the month. The State Government and its bureaus are statistically seeing a growth. We have accomplished so much the past month and I believe that we can keep the momentum up and seek out more opportunities individually. I will keep this brief. We will be looking to expand our State Services Bureau in order to better produce contracts that will equip our state to handle more EMS services, etcetera.

The Governor's Office has mandated certain standards for employees to follow and to preserve a great image of the Department of State, this was one of my main goals — better the image. I will end it here with one note: we are going to continue our progress regardless of arising issues.


Melanie Slater
  Bureau of Licensing  
The Bureau of Licensing had its Deputy Director relieved from the department, but it still progressed valiantly. I do not have much to say, but here are the statistics for what it has accomplished during the month of October.
  • 15 businesses were registered (NO INCREASE OR DECREASE)
  • 16 businesses were licensed (46% increase from September)
  • 14 businesses were found to be pending registration (15% increase from September)
  • 1 hunting license was issued (N/A)
  • 2 helicopters were registered (N/A)
  • $897,250 was collected in fees (15% decrease from September)
I am glad to see the bureau has progressed. With the departure of the Deputy Director, Director Coll will be looking for a replacement!
  Bureau of Social Services  
With the recently appointed Deputy Director Melissa Garland, M.D., the Social Services is progressing with its new outpost at Little Mexico. People are obtaining assistance from the programs offered. While it was not as operational last month, I am glad to announce it is fully fledged now and is certainly going in the right direction.

Currently, that is all I have for the bureau. We will be looking for a person to fill the vacancy of Director in the near future to fully oversee the Bureau of Social Services.
  Bureau of Public Works & Transportation  
With the recently established line of communication with the Fire Department's Chief Fire Officers, it was announced that there would be a mutual agreement work together from the bureau. I am glad to announce the following statistics:
  • 10 situation reports (85% decrease from September)
  • 2 impound reports (127% decrease from September)
I am quite saddened by the bureau's state, but I will ensure it will be fully functional with its Director, Ms. Dyatlova at its helm. That is all for the bureau.
  Bureau of State Services  
With the departure of former-Director Grover, the spot for Director has been vacant for quite a bit now. The State Services are, however, fully functional currently and may look into job opportunites for the public in the near future. With the bureau's state, there is not much else to note on.
  Employee of the Month  
I will move to announce the employee of the month, an employee who has shown continuous dedication to the Department of State and their respective bureau, it is no other than:
  Senior Licensing Official Ciro Ferrucci  
He has done well in his position and surpassed other members in terms of administrative work to his respective bureau. I wish to congratulate and hope that he will continue to diligently work for our Department of State, and of course congratulations on his promotion to Senior Licensing Official
  Conclusion Thank you all. If you have any concerns regarding the Department of State, do not hesitate to contact my office at [email protected]. A response is assured within 24 hours.

Yours Faithfully,
Melanie Slater
Secretary of State of San Andreas
Carl Duncan
Lieutenant Governor of San Andreas