Newsletter - SEPTEMBER 2018

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Newsletter - SEPTEMBER 2018

Post by State of San Andreas » October 2nd, 2018, 5:01 pm

State Government — Newsletter for the month of September

- Message from the Governor's Office I am the newly appointed Secretary of State, Melanie Slater. I wish to continue working in my position to better the Department of State. I have nothing but gratitude for the state and the government. I have set forth several plans to gradually ensure all operations are running to their best ability. I have several plans for Social Services and Human Resources.

As you might have noticed, Human Resources is undergoing reconstruction alongside Social Services. At this point in time, Social Services is quite operational and we are always looking for helping hands in either department! I will keep this concise. I wish to thank you all for working together with me and hope you watch this space as it flourishes.
- Social Services As aforementioned, currently, the Bureau of Social Services is undergoing revamps while I act as its director until a suitable person is found. Thanks to Social Services Official Melissa Garland, the bureau became operational within a span of two days. However, we are always looking to expand its activities within reason. One of our primary focuses includes the welfare of children. This encompasses the resurrection of the old Child Protective Services previously ran by the Fire Department.

We aim to have all operations effective and running by the end of October. We will also look into expanding our headquarters for Social Services for a place better suited for orphans. If you wish to get involved, send a letter of interest to the Secretary of State.
- Bureau of State Services With the appointed Director, Anastasia Grover, we are going in the right direction to provide the state with sufficient contracts for bidding. On her agenda is ensuring proper operations are running for agencies like AmeriCare and Los Santos County Clinic. She is also looking into creating more contracts for bid, such as the newly created Medical Services contract and the All Saints General Hospital contract. While the bureau is newly formed, there will be changes in the near future to its operation and the possibility of vacancies in the bureau.

If you wish to provide your ideas, send a letter to Anastasia Grover.
- Department of Transportation Not much to say about the Department of Transportation, but that their work is commendable. In the month of September, the following statistics were gathered:
  • 25 situation reports were submitted
  • 9 impound reports were submitted
It is quite saddening to say no other statistics were gathered, nor were any other persons promoted in the Department. However, we look forward to seeing further people moving up in the Department of Transportation and for it to flourish in activity. We are actively looking to expand its responsibilities in liaison with the Fire Department. Bureau of Licensing The Bureau of Licensing being the most active receives my commendation for being valiantly able to handle all applications submitted to its office. The following statistics were gathered:
  • 10 businesses were licensed
  • 15 businesses were registered
  • 12 businesses were documented as unregistered
  • 3 promotions were made internally
  • $1,052,250 was collected in fees
I am jubilant to see that the Bureau of Licensing is this active and can only hope it continues. Internal changes subject to recordkeeping might occur in the Bureau of Licensing and I wish to thank the director for his continued service. Employee of the Month I will move to announce the employee of the month, an employee who has shown continuous dedication to the Department of State and their respective bureau, it is no other than:
- Deputy Director of Licensing Paso Freeman -
He has gone above and beyond his duties in administrative work and deserves the recognition. I wish to congratulate and hope that he will continue to diligently work for our Department of State, and of course congratulations on his promotion to Deputy Director of Licensing.
- Conclusion I thank all of you and hope that you strive hard to be the next employee of the month as Deputy Director will be receiving a hefty raise in his salary. It is quite a pleasure to work in the Department of State and I hope to keep this concise. Changes will be seen throughout the month for most bureaus. If you are interested in sharing your opinion, do not hesitate to contact your direct supervisor.

Yours Faithfully,
Melanie Slater
Secretary of State of San Andreas
Carl Duncan
Lieutenant Governor of San Andreas