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PRESS RELEASE_______________________

  AUGUST 20, 2019

The San Andreas State Half-Way House Initiative   Image
"Ironlake State Prison; Counsellor S. Cuevas, author of the Half-Way House Initiative. Pictured here with two Correctional Officers and a group of soon-to-be state parolees, anno 2015."
  • PERSHING SQUARE — Today Heather Fairchild and the Bureau of Social Services is publicly announcing the Half-Way House Initiative, empowering ex-felons to help them make it in the Free World.

    The State Half-Way House Initiative is a transitional step soon to be introduced for ex-felons and parolees who are deemed eligible for it, encompassing a wide variety of benefits. Geared toward inmates actively showing interest in bettering themselves upon release, with time spent there varying depending on your time served in the correctional system. The program is focused on giving long-term inmates with nowhere else to turn to on the outside a chance to get their life back on track in a stable environment- alongside others who they can easily relate to. As well as this, the home will be staffed by thoroughly vetted ex-convicts whom are more likely to gain the respect required of their in-house wards. Serving as motivational speakers, these staff members will be a voice that housemates can relate to, due to having been through similar experiences themselves.

    Including a well trained in-house clinical psychiatrist who will be available for one on one sessions, the home will have programs that also include:

    The Work Release program which will be mandatory for all housemates, will provide blue-collar jobs for inmates with employers who are willing to give people the crucial second chance they need for that first step. Thirty percent of all inmates salary is deducted from the final amount and injected back into the program to maintain it's sufficiency. Jobs can include but are not limited to: longshoring, work within the Department of Transportation, and work with similar future public outreach programs relevant to an inmates experience.

    An optional drug rehabilitation program will be available for inmates who are not actively struggling with drug abuse but wish to steer clear of it in the future. For those who enter the home with a medical record showing active drug addiction, they will be scheduled mandatory sessions within this program. These sessions will be step-by-step counselling with a medical professional with possible treatment dependant on their verdict.

    The home's facilities will include: A cosy dormitory setting, 10 beds/bunks per room maximum. A common shower area, two bathrooms, a kitchen area, a TV and lounge area, a staff area, a recreational area, and a program room which is used for counselling sessions and similar functions.

    Breaking the house's rules, as well as aggressive or violent behaviour of in any form will result in a parole violation or a sanction within the home. The program's managers reserve the right to send it's residents back to the custody of the SADCR as well as be removed from the program if they are not on the parole board.

    More information on fundraisers and progress regarding this initiative will be found right here, so be sure to check back if this is relevant to you or a loved one.
    by Paris Newman
    Press Secretary
    Department of Public Affairs