[INFO] Medical Licensing Information and Procedures

The Department of Health maintains all licensing for all medical services. The Medical Board shall be resposible for the issuance of licenses which is an independent body within the Department of Health. Please review the information contained in this section before proceeding.

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[INFO] Medical Licensing Information and Procedures

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  • The Department of Health falls under the executive branch of the San Andreas State Government and answers directly to the Governor's Office. The Department of Health is tasked with the issuance of medical licenses, creating and maintaining policies and regulations in the medical field, and maintaining an independent and functioning State Medical Board. The following licenses are available with the conditions explained

    Table of Content:
    1. Medical Doctor Licensing Information
    2. Emergency Medical Technician Licensing Information
    3. Medical Business Registration Information

Medical Doctor Licensing Information
  • A Medical Doctor in the State of San Andreas is licensed to practice in the State of San Andreas once their application has been proved and all requirements of the licensing conditions have been met. The State Medical Board requires all applicants in the State of San Andreas to submit a formal application and licensing fee to accompany their application. In addition, the State Medical Board requires a proficiency exam to be administered to all individuals wishing to practice within the State prior to admittance.

    Requirements to Apply:
    Contained herein are the requirements all applicants must meet to be able to apply.
    • A successful completion of a Medical School in the United States of America and must have successfully passed the United States Medical Licensing Exam.
    • Have successfully completed their residency requirements.
    • Have committed no felony or serious misdemeanor crimes.
    • Not be under any active or pending litigation or charges.
    Application Process:
    1. Once an applicant meets the requirements to apply, the applicant will submit an application to be licensed by the State. The State Medical Board will review the application and ensure it meets all the requirements and standards enacted. Should it meet the standards, the applicant will be informed and then be required to submit a payment to the Department of State in the amount of $5,000.
    2. Once the fee is paid, the applicant will then be administered a test. The applicant will be tested in front of a proctor and will be required to answer all questions completely and honestly. This test is to establish a persons medical knowledge and to ensure proper licensing of all Medical Doctors. Any individual who fails the test shall not be permitted to take the test for 1 month from the date of notice of failure.
    3. Any applicant who passes the exam will be notified of their successful completion. The applicant will be required to sign the "Medical Code" and will be issued their license to practice in the State of San Andreas.
    4. Failure to submit your exam in 48 hours will result in an automatic failure.
    5. Applicants have at most three opportunities to obtain reciprocity with the State of San Andreas. After failing the examination the third time the applicant will be barred permanently.
    6. (( Upon failing an exam the applicant will wait 72 hours before reapplying ))

Emergency Medical Technician Licensing Information
  • Requirements:
    • Be 18 years of age or older.
    • Have a high school diploma or GED certificate.
    • Have committed no felony or serious misdemeanor crimes.
    Process of Licensing:
    1. The Department of Health requires all individuals desiring licensing as a Emergency Medical Technician to undergo training from an accredited organization approved by the Department of Health that has a Medical Doctor on staff to ensure proper training requirements. The training course will be based on "Basic Life Support".
    2. After training has been administered, all individuals will be required to undergo a written examination to be administered and graded by the organization.
    3. Upon successful passing of the test, the organization shall submit a form to the Department of Health advising of successful passing of training. After review, the Department of Health shall issue the license which will include your license number.
    Operation Requirements:
    • An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) may only use their license to conduct medical services when operating under a Medical Business with an active Medical Doctor on staff serving as the Operational Medical Director. The Medical Doctor shall be responsible for proper training and ensuring all procedures established by the Department of Health are followed.
    • Operational Medical Director requirement: Any Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agency shall have a minimum of one Operational Medical Director OMD) who is a licensed medical doctor holding an endorsement as an EMS physician from the Department of Health. This request can be made in writing to the Medical Board or clarified in Medical Business License Request form.

Medical Business Registration Information
  • All businesses or organizations desiring to offer or practice any medical service must obtain permission from the Department of Health to be able to register a business through the Bureau of Licensing under the Medical Business License. The procedures must be followed and authorization from the Department of Health shall be sought prior to applying for a Business Registration.
    Process of Obtaining a Medical Business License:
    • All individuals or organizations attempting to secure a Medical Business License must first obtain permission from the Department of Health utilizing the form below. Only after authorization is given by the Department of Health may an individual or organization apply for the Medical Business License through the Bureau of Licensing.
    • The process for reviewing requests to obtain a Medical Business License may take up to several weeks. During this time, it is requested that you remain available for any questions or concerns. In addition, the Department of Health may require a in-person visit of the facility and a review of documentation for the business.
    • Once the Department of Health sends you notice of approval to obtain a Medical Business License, you may apply through the Bureau of Licensing. Once licensed by the Bureau of Licensing, the business may operate under the Medical Business License.
    Operating Requirements:
    • Any Business operating under the Medical Business License will require a Medical Doctor to be on staff to conduct any medical procedures or business operations.
    • Training of Emergency medical Technicians will require authorization from the Department of Health.
    Medical Business Request Authorization Form:
    To submit a Medical Business License request, please visit: [SUBMISSION] Medical Business License Request