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(( [TERMINATION] Anastasia Grover ))

Posted: October 19th, 2018, 9:54 pm
by Internal Affairs Section
State Government of San Andreas

This letter serves as the notice of termination of Ms. Anastasia Grover pursuant to the Department of State's operating manual and pursuant to my empowered role in the position of Secretary of State under the office of the governor. The reason provided for this termination of the contract is in accordance with CONSISTENT ATTITUDE ISSUES. DID NOT LEARN FROM THE PAST, R.E. SD BAN, REF: (( [Y-18-0] — ))

The terminated subject shall be Anastasia Grover. their service number and position shall be SERVICE ID (( 530 )), RANK and their assignment; State Services.

Signed under my name,
Melanie Slater
Governor's Office
Secretary of State

(( Authorized by Iudex ref. [Y-18-0] — ))