[JOB] Public Defender

The Los Santos County Public Defender's Office (PDO) is responsible for the pro bono defense of persons accused of criminal charges through the Courts of San Andreas.

Public Defender: Juliette Naviaux

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[JOB] Public Defender

Post by Kirk Schroeder » October 17th, 2018, 10:26 pm

  • Performs beginning level legal work required in representing the defense in criminal cases accepted by or assigned to the Public Defender.
  • Interviews persons seeking legal counsel in criminal matters, determining eligibility, accepting cases and preparing necessary legal documents, and rejecting cases outside the jurisdiction of the Public Defender.
  • Represents the defense in preliminary hearings, interviewing clients and possible defense witnesses, advising clients of the appropriate course of action to be taken in their defense, cross-examining prosecution witnesses, and entering motions for dismissal and bail.
  • Represents the defense in the trial of misdemeanor cases.
  • Confers with law enforcement and investigation personnel, deputy district attorneys, prosecution witnesses, and other interested parties regarding cases.
  • Prepares legal documents such as briefs, complaints and pleadings.
  • Prepares and tries the less difficult misdemeanor criminal cases.
Apply Now:
Title: [PDO] Firstname Surname
[+] Template Form

Code: Select all

[size=120][b]I. PERSONAL INFORMATION[/b][/size][hr][/hr]

[u]1.[/u] Suffix: Mr./Mrs./Ms.

[u]2.[/u] First Name: 
[u]3.[/u] Last Name:

[u]4.[/u] Date of Birth:

[u]5.[/u] Address:
[u]6.[/u] Telephone Number:

[size=120][b]II. EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT[/b][/size][hr][/hr]

[u]1.[/u] List all colleges/universities you have attended and mention the degree earned from each institution.
(a) ____

(b) ____

[u]2.[/u]  Beginning with your current or most recent employment, list all employment (including self-employment, paid/unpaid  internships, and  part-time  employment) you have  held  for  any period  of  time.
(a) ____

(b) ____

(c) ____

[size=120][b]III. MORAL CHARACTER AND FITNESS[/b][/size][hr][/hr]

[u]1.[/u] Have you ever been a party to any civil suit or proceeding? 
Yes/No (If YES, you must provide the case number if asked to do so by a bar examiner.)

[u]2.[/u] Have you ever been arrested, cited or ticketed for, or charged with any violation of the law? 
Yes/No (If YES, you must list all offenses including traffic violations.)

[u]3.[/u] Have you ever received mental health counseling or been hospitalized for mental health reasons?

[u]4.[/u] Are you BAR certified?
Yes/No (If YES, provide your BAR number.)

[size=120][b]IV. AFFIDAVIT AND RELEASE OF INFORMATION[/b][/size][hr][/hr]

[quote]I have responded to all inquiries on this form fully and frankly, and all the information contained  in my application is true and correct.[/quote]

[quote]I hereby give my consent to the Public Defenders Office to conduct an investigation as to the information provided in my application and to make inquiries and request such information from third parties.[/quote]


District Attorney for the County of Los Santos
Second Judicial District of San Andreas

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