[BOSS OFFICIAL] Giovanni Martinelli [ACCEPTED]

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Giovanni Martinelli
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[BOSS OFFICIAL] Giovanni Martinelli [ACCEPTED]

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    1. Title: Mr.
    2. Full Name: Giovanni Martinelli
    3. Sex: Male
    4. Ethnicity: Caucasian
    5. Address: 2078 Atlantic Avenue, East Beach, Los Santos 616, San Andreas
    6. Date of Birth: July 7, 1990
    7. Phone Number(s): 1080560
    1. Have you been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (If yes, provide an explanation)
    2. Have you ever had any traffic-related offenses or administrative sanction taken against your license?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (If yes, provide an explanation)
    3. Have you ever worked in the State of San Andreas Government or the City of Los Santos Government?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (If yes, provide position and information)
    1. Why do you wish to become a social services official?:
      • For me, I wish to dedicate myself for the people, giving back, even though I receive nothing beforehand, and the feelings cannot beat every other jobs I've had before.
        I've been a loner half of my life, careless about what happened around me and so on a introvert would goes. But one moment forever changed my perspective in life. Grew up in the crime-infested, sub-urban neighborhood in New Jersey made me avoid every possible matters that would lead me astray. My parents always remind me of the bad things happened around us and for me to stay out of it, ever.
        Those reminders just keep on ringing in my head, made me the paranoid loner back then. But personally, I wanted to help these people, to detach the mindset that involved or having a career in crime is something common for the like of me, stereotyping the neighborhood. The moment I ever break my words to "don't get involved" when I literally talked myself with the youth of the neighborhood, groomed to be successor of the crimminal stereotype, and I felt good when I succeed, I gained success by having my neighborhood friends to have them aware of the possibilities and consequences.
        My convincing heard around the high places of the turf, to the point my parents was threatened not to get their son to "spreading the nonsense" among the prospected youths. That doesn't stop me, even my parents encouraged me to do more of the deeds, hoping the people will realize that there is no peace in that old ways of stereotypical lifestyle of criminal-infested neighborhood.
        It worked, I convinced my neighborhood friends to lead the life without worrying about everything at everytime, they spent more time at school and other productive activities than hanging out at the usual greasy restaurant and bars. Me personally been rattling the beehive so I expected some stings, but unfortunately these stings taking form of firearm and bullets. My family fled the neighborhood the night one of my friend told me that "the wiseguys" will not tolerate my actions.
        My family moved from one state to another to avoid these peoeple until a friend of the family initiate the idea of my family to move to Hong Kong, and there will be help available to kickstart things back up again for my family. We moved to Hong Kong, since in every other state we stayed, there was suspicious people and cars following our movements, the states is not anymore safe for us.
        I lead a very generic life in Hong Kong, gratuated at local college, had my Associate of Business Management diploma to seek better employment, but there are minimal options in the job field of managment to literally, directly help people in need. Time flows and I decided to meet a long time friend in Los Santos and see if I can make something of myself back in the states, having the idea of those people already forgotten that matter years ago. I saw the job vacancy of Social Services, its my calling.
    2. Why are employees supposed to remain professional?:
      • Without professionality theer will be no standards, without professionality things will fall apart and disintegrates, to be professional is to upheld personal and social principle of high standards, whether in the area of personality and conduct. Full and through dedication to the well being of the people of Los Santos in need of their Government is my ideal to fulfill, while maintaining spotless image of professionality.
    3. Every individual has a weak point. What are your weak point(s) and how do you overcome them?
      • I used to have a very low social awareness, I overcame them by thinking about what would happened, when I could do something to change, but I didn't, and the idea bothered me so muuch it slapped myself off the comfort zone. My another weak point would be that I usually progress slow-but-sure to new people I've met, to thoroughly understand the person more before I initiate advanced level of communication, getting more personal and etcetera.
    1. Have you ever served in the United States military?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (If yes, please list the branch, rank and MOS)
    2. Fill in the form(s) below for your past employment history. If you require more space, attach an additional sheet with the form below:
      • Employer Name: Cao Feng General Contracts
        Supervisor Name: Winston Feng
        Contact #: N/A
        Type of Work: Contract Administration
        Date of Employment: 05/01/2012 to 10/1/2017
        Job Description: Administrating contractual agreement, policy, fulfillment to achieve mutual agreement.

        Employer Name:
        Supervisor Name:
        Contact #: (If known)
        Type of Work:
        Date of Employment: MM/DD/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY
        Job Description:
    3. Do you meet the minimum education requirement for employment?:
      Yes [X] No [ ]
    4. Fill in the form(s) below for the highest level of education completed:
      • School Name: University of Hong Kong (HKUSpace College Program)
        School Address: Room 304, 3/F, T. T. Tsui Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong (Exit A2, HKU MTR Station)
        Date of Enrollment: 06/01/2010 to 07/01/2012
        Highest Grade/Year Completed: College Graduate - 2012
        Degree Obtained: Associate of Business Administration (ABA)
    1. Timezone: GMT +7
    2. LS-RP Forum Username: (viking24 - https://forum.ls-rp.io/memberlist.php?m ... le&u=50714)
    3. Are you currently a member of any official faction, legal or illegal?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (Which faction and provide an explanation)
    4. Do you agree to not commit any crimes intentionally while in the State of San Andreas (agree to anti-corruption)?
      Yes [X] No [ ]

    I, [Giovanni Martinelli], hereby certify that the information given in this application is true and complete and that I acknowledge, understand and accept the aforementioned legal disclaimer. I further authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application and will allow for any application investigator to contact my employers and to conduct any form of criminal history checks.
    • Signature: Giovanni Martinelli
      Date: 02/12/2019