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    1. Title: Mr.
    2. Full Name: Leon Siearra
    3. Sex: Male
    4. Ethnicity: White
    5. Address: 769 Dupont Street, Marina, Los Santos 313, San Andreas
    6. Date of Birth: 27/DEC/1995
    7. Phone Number(s): 1754021
    1. Have you been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (If yes, provide an explanation)
    2. Have you ever had any traffic related offenses or administrative sanction taken against your license?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (If yes, provide an explanation)
    3. Have you ever worked in the State of San Andreas Government or the City of Los Santos Government?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (If yes, provide position and information)
    1. Why do you wish to become a transit official?:
      • There is one personal and one good reason for becoming a transit official. I will start with my personal reason that I was a local employee of a private company - Deorban's Motor Services. My official work was to fix customer's vehicle and tow away all the wrongly parked vehicles which blocks the flow of traffic or alley, basically I was a mechanic and Impounder. As my mother was ill because of blood cancer, I was unable to work at the garage properly and for longer duration so they fired me from the company permanently. My mother died last year and now I am all alone looking for a good and permanent job. I am ready to work here with full dedication and focus.
        Good reason is - I want to serve my country and its citizen all the time, want to get their blessings and this job is providing me everything I want from a job. I was a mechanic and Impounder, so I have great experience in operating any kind of vehicle like trucks, buses, sedans and others. So I think my previous work experience will surely gonna help here. DOT is really interesting for me as I am also a good and passionate driver and I will be honored if I drive for my Country, state and for its people. I am ready to provide myself anytime, anywhere and for anyone in the state of San Andreas.
    2. Why is it important for employees to remain calm regardless of the situation?:
      • Working for the state, maybe the work load gets increased or the situation gets chaotic which resulted in stress. But employees need be in a calm state in every situation, only then they will be able to work properly. Stressful mind cannot think properly. It is important for the employee to think and consider their office or working place as a safe and good environment place so that they can give their hundred percent in any kind of work without any delay. Also we are representing the San Andreas Government, so employee have to be calm everywhere for a proper impact. People who got the ability to control their feelings and emotions at time of stress are excellent performers. I agree and believe that person is only able to work properly when he is calm, not in any tension.
    3. Every individual has a weak point. What are your weak point(s) and how do you overcome them?
      • Yes I agree with the above point. My weakness is I use to take lot of stress when ever the work load gets increase. But I have sort this problem out, I use to visit meditation classes every week to learn how have a peaceful mind and thoughts. Being stressful is not a joke for anyone, so I use to take little break from work of around five or seven minutes to reduce the level of stress. I also use to take deep breathing exercise. It is also very helpful in removing the stress, I have got many other ways to reduce the stress level. So I can work more efficiently.
    4. Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what are your goals? (Min. 100 words)
      • My name is Leon, my friends usually call me Lee. I am 25 years old. I am from Red-County, its a small town next to Dillimore and near to Los Santos City. My father was a farmer and mother was housewife. Unfortunately they are not in this world with me anymore. I have completed my graduation and post graduation from Stanford University with Political Science, Psychology and Physics. I love to draw- like abstract arts, I also love to drive for hours and hours without having any break. I am also a state level shooter within the state of San Andreas, I had also won many gold medals in the shooting competition. My favourite work is to help and assist unknown people, especially who are poor or new in the city. And I do this work in my free time, rather than having any rest.
        My long term goal is to establish a good image of San Andreas State and its people around the world by working in the Department Of Transportation. Short term goals are to own a house in Marina Canal and get a good permanent job in the city.
    1. Have you ever served in the United States military?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (If yes, please list the branch, rank and MOS)
    2. Fill in the form(s) below for your past employment history. If you require more space, attach an additional sheet with the form below:
      • Employer Name: Deorban's Motor Services
        Supervisor Name: Jade Yujin
        Contact #: (If known)
        Type of Work: Vehicle servicing
        Date of Employment: JUL/25/2013 to DEC/04/2016
        Job Description: Car Mechanic and Impounder

        Employer Name:
        Supervisor Name:
        Contact #: (If known)
        Type of Work:
        Date of Employment: MM/DD/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY
        Job Description:
    3. Do you meet the minimum education requirement for employment?:
      Yes [X] No [ ]
    4. Fill in the form(s) below for the highest level of education completed:
      • School Name: Stanford University
        School Address: 52nd Street, Hangrover Park, United States of America 678080
        Date of Enrollment: MAY/05/2010 to JUL/27/2015
        Highest Grade/Year Completed: A
        Degree Obtained: Psychiatrist and Architecture
    1. Timezone: GMT+4
    2. LS-RP Forum Username: (Leon_Siearra -ACCESS)
    3. Are you currently a member of any official faction, legal or illegal?
      Yes [ ] No [X]
      • (Which faction and provide an explanation)
    4. Do you agree to not commit any crimes intentionally while in the State of San Andreas (agree to anti-corruption)?
      Yes [X] No [ ]

    I, Leon Siearra, hereby certify that the information given in this application is true and complete and that I acknowledge, understand and accept the aforementioned legal disclaimer. I further authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application and will allow for any application investigator to contact my employers and to conduct any form of criminal history checks.
    • Signature: L.Siearra
      Date: JAN/12/2019

Molniya Dyatlova
Director of Transportation
Director of Transportation
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Re: [DOT OFFICIAL] Leon Siearra

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Dear Mr. Siearra
  • Your application has been received and reviewed by the Department of Human Resource Management. It has been decided that your application does not meet the criteria for this job position and application has been DENIED and will not advance any further.

    Additional Information:
    • ((Goes against community rules))
    • No longer eligible for LSGOV employment.

Director Molniya Dyatlova
[email protected] ((PM))
Director Molniya Dyatlova - Department of Transportation