[INFORMATION] Admission to the Bar of San Andreas [UPDATE: 7/APRIL/2017]

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[INFORMATION] Admission to the Bar of San Andreas [UPDATE: 7/APRIL/2017]

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Step 1. Apply for the Bar Exam

Future lawyers who wish to be able to practice in San Andreas must complete an application and submit it online. Before you file your application, verify that you have fully responded to all items, questions, and statements. Your application will not be considered filed if it is incomplete or contains false information.

If your application is accepted, you will be permitted to take the San Andreas Bar Examination. If your application is denied, you may be able to reapply depending on the circumstances.

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[center][size=180][b]STATE BAR [i]of[/i] SAN ANDREAS[/b][/size]


[size=120][b]I. PERSONAL INFORMATION[/b][/size][hr][/hr]

[u]1.[/u] Suffix: Mr./Mrs./Ms.

[u]2.[/u] First Name: 
[u]3.[/u] Last Name:

[u]4.[/u] Date of Birth:

[u]5.[/u] Address:
[u]6.[/u] Telephone Number:

[size=120][b]II. EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT[/b][/size][hr][/hr]

[u]1.[/u] List all colleges/universities you have attended (including law school) and mention the degree earned from each institution.
(a) ____

(b) ____

[u]2.[/u]  Beginning with your current or most recent employment, list all employment (including self-employment, paid/unpaid  internships, and  part-time  employment) you have  held  for  any period  of  time.
(a) ____

(b) ____

(c) ____

[size=120][b]III. MORAL CHARACTER AND FITNESS[/b][/size][hr][/hr]

[u]1.[/u] Have you ever been a party to any civil suit or proceeding? 
Yes/No (If YES, you must provide the case number if asked to do so by a bar examiner.)

[u]2.[/u] Have you ever been arrested, cited or ticketed for, or charged with any violation of the law? 
Yes/No (If YES, you must list all offenses including traffic violations.)

[u]3.[/u] Have you ever received mental health counseling or been hospitalized for mental health reasons?

[u]4.[/u] Have you ever applied for admission to the Bar of San Andreas in the past?
Yes/No (If YES, you must specify the number of applications you filed.)

[size=120][b]IV. AFFIDAVIT AND RELEASE OF INFORMATION[/b][/size][hr][/hr]

[quote]I have responded to all inquiries on this form fully and frankly, and all the information contained  in my application is true and correct.[/quote]

[quote]I hereby give my consent to the Board of Bar Examiners to conduct an investigation as to the information provided in my application and to make inquiries and request such information from third parties.[/quote]


[size=120][b](( V. OUT OF CHARACTER ))[/b][/size][hr][/hr]

[u]1.[/u] List all of your current and past characters. Provide an admin record for each character.

[u]2.[/u] Why do you wish to become a lawyer and how do you plan to roleplay as one? (Effort is required.)
[u]3.[/u] Do you have any knowledge of the Penal Code and Acts of San Andreas? Explain in a few sentences.

[u]4.[/u] Do you have any knowledge of American Law? Explain in a few sentences.[/divbox]
Application Title: First name Last name

Step 2. Take the Bar Exam

The San Andreas Bar Examination must be passed before a future lawyer can be admitted to practice in San Andreas. A non-refundable $50,000 fee is required. You will have 48 hours to complete the examination and return it for grading.

Step 3. Results and Admission

If you receive a sufficient score on the bar examination, you will be admitted to the State Bar of San Andreas. You will then only become fully licensed to practice in the state after reading the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) and taking an oath.

If you fail the examination, you will be able to retake it as many times as necessary with a waiting period ranging from 1-2 weeks in between each attempt. If this is the case, you'll need to re-submit your application to apply for another examination.
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Re: [INFORMATION] Admission to the Bar of San Andreas [UPDATE: 7/APRIL/2017]

Post by Dustie » February 11th, 2018, 10:44 am

Exam fee has been raised to $50,000.

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Re: [INFORMATION] Admission to the Bar of San Andreas [UPDATE: 7/APRIL/2017]

Post by Iudex » April 17th, 2018, 1:39 am

Logo updated.