Employment Guidelines (Read me first)

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Employment Guidelines (Read me first)

Post by Edgar Isidro » December 7th, 2018, 5:29 pm


Employment Guildelines

Purpose: To serve as a guideline when applying for employment with Globex Capital. Whilst applying for Globex Capital there are guidelines to follow to actively seek employment. Failure to follow these guidelines while applying will result in your employment process being denied.
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be able to fluently read and write English
  • Be free of any felony convictions or violent misdemeanors
  • Possess a general knowledge of San Andreas geographically
  • Possess a valid San Andreas State Drivers License
  • Possess a valid San Andreas State Taxi License (FastTrax Applicants only)
  • Possess a valid Conceal and Carry Weapon License through the LSPD (Globex Link Security Applicants only)
  • (( Must be at least level 5 on any character. ))

Process: Once your application is submitted a process begins with our management. Your application is put under review and looked over by our management team. A big portion of the application is effort as well as truthful answers. Depending on which company you're applying for depends on which management team will look over your application. During this time you should not seek information on the status of your employment. If the management team denies your application, an email will be sent to you notifying you of why. If the management team decides to push your application further, then you'll be moved to the interview and testing stage. At this point in time you'll receive and email of your progress and you'll be contacted as soon as possible for the interview and application stage.

Testing: Once you're in the testing stage, there're two main factors we look for. This depends on what your applying for. If you're applying for FastTrax Taxi & Chauffeur as a Chauffeur, then you'll be tested on your general knowledge of the Los Santos area. If you're applying to join AutoSpex as an Impounder/Mechanic, then you'll be tested on your general knowledge of Title 11 Section 4 of the San Andreas State Penal code, (11)4. Parking Violation. This is for general knowledge of when and when not to impound a vehicle. Neither of these are expected to be fully memorized at the beginning of employee as you'll always have a quick reference guide available to you.

You can find this information in .pdf form available for download below.

Click below to download the following study material if needed.